New Year Meal

published on 23.11.2015

New Year Meal

# Salad
- Stuffed baked bell peppers with mus of cheese, hunting stuffed vine leaves with baked beet, tomatos, cucumber, hamon ham and pepper

# Starters
- Rolled mix two type of salmon

# Main dish
- Pork Fillet with sauce gravy garnished with mashed potato, mustard, leeks and jam of red onions
- Chicken fillet stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto crudo with vegetables

# Pie Fortune

# After Main dish
- ½ Bry with blueberries sauce

# Desert
- Pumpkin pie served with shot of Porto

# Drinks
- Rakia Burgas Muscat 100gr or Vodka Finlandia 100gr
- White wine ½ bottle and Red wine ½ bottle
- Mineral water 330gr.
- Soft drinks-250gr-2 ps.
- Glass of Zyonline champagne

You can download PDF file with our New Year Meal from here.

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