published on 18.04.2016

A rosè can’t be serious alcohol with this name; it just can’t be. The wine rosè is sweet and unpretentious, mainly women drink it (men too, just not the real ones), maybe it is made from red and white wine, who knows? This are just a some of myths concerning the rosè wine in the beginning of the XXI century.

But the facts speak for themselves: some summers ago it suddenly became very popular and ended up in the glasses of so many people in different and more countries, than five years ago. Many wine critics began to write about this special wine. Almost every winery began producing it. Like every new trend, this has its reasons too.

The two most important are:
- That even people who do not drink wine or alcohol at all, are more likely to drink it and are actually loving it.
- You can also drink a rosè with diverse meals and also as a Apéritif. You can drink it everywhere: in restaurants, on the terrace, on a picnic or a party. It is an informal pleasure. Where, how or when it was made isn’t so important.

After a few years searching, there is no right answer on how a rose should look. The color is always attractive; it varies from pearl grey- pink to “salmon” to intensive strawberry color. The taste is elegant, but not too light; sweet or very dry. The scents include strawberry,cherry, raspberry, apricot, flowers, herbs, spices.

How is it made and who is it making it?

It is very easy and almost every country is producing it, some countries like Argentina just export it. If you have basic knowledge about wine, then you should know that it is not made from mixing white and red wine. It is produced with the skin contact method. Black-skinned grapes are crushed and the skins are allowed to remain in contact with the juice for a short period, typically one to three days. The only wine that is made by mixing white and red wine is the pink champagne.

Rose is made all over the world, in the north and as well as in the south.

The north or France is the leader in producing rose, with 25% in the world range production. The most famous French rosette gave the name of a whole style, that came from the area of Provence.Typical for these rosette is the pale color with shades of salmon, aromas of ripe fruit, minerals and the so called garrique-notes of juniper, rosemary, wild thyme, lavender, powerful and dry bodies. North, because of the high factor of pleasure of these wines, they embody cool and noble restraint.

The south or the USA - when it comes to wine in the USA, that usually means California, from where 90% of the American wines come from. The style with which the Californian rose is going to be remembered in the history is the so called blush wine-sweet and low alcoholic wine. The Americans do not like the French word rose, because it causes confusion (English. Rosè - rose). South, because the "blushing" wines are whispering hot, sweet words. You can often see them served in a plastic cup with ice and a straw.


BG-Rose(a)e: since 6-7 years, the Bulgarian rosette were not so popular, because Bulgaria produces mostly red wine. Fortunately, in our country we came to the conclusion that the rosette -style "Bandol" is not bad at all and it is very interesting for the consumer. With much success.


How do you serve it?


It is served chilled. If you don’t have a special rose glass, you can always use the glass which is used for the white wine.


Should you consume rose?


Yes! You can dress however you want; with both sport shoes or a evening dress.


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