More about the craft beers

published on 11.04.2016

Here is the answer of the question for the most curios of us:
Craft is the art of creating beer and the ability to enjoy it.
Craft is a mystery, that doesn’t need factories, thousand tons of raw materials or wasteful advertising campaigns. Exactly the opposite, all you need are two hands and a man, who loves his job.

The craft beers distinguish themselves with rich and various bouquet of flavors. The water, malt, hop and yeast are required elements, but the combinations between them are infinite.

First of all Craft is a culture of responsible and quality consumption. Often the Craft beer is perfect accessory in combination with food and tapas. The mixture of both reveals new flavors and develops its full potential.

After the short definition we have decided to list and some reasons for consuming Craft beer:
1. The Craft beer has better taste. Undoubted the number One reason to prefer such a beer is because it has more pleasant taste. Craft brewers put their hurts and souls in it, as well as great ingredients in every beer, which they create.
2. More alcohol. Yes, the Craft beers have all kind of varieties, but one thing remains constantly – they always have their influence on you. Most of them are between 5 and 10%alc., but some reach 20, 30 or even 40%alc.
3. Healthy. Yes, that’s right! The craft beer is good for your health. Researches show that there are more wholesome ingredients in the craft beer, than in the red wine.
4. Great variety. Yes, there are thousands of craft- breweries around the world, which offer ten thousands of beers. And none of them are made in the same way. Each craft brewery produces its beer under its own special recipe, with its own unique ingredients.
5. Less calories. If you are warn about the calories in the beer – for your information the craft beer is more caloric rather the mass beers, but from other side you drink less and slower, because first it is stronger and then you are enjoying the taste.
6. Great beers are made for great moments. Go out with your family or friends and try a new craft beer. Discuss it. How it smells, how it tastes, what you do like or not in it etc. And if everybody order a different beer, so you can recommend yours and reverse after ordering a new one.
7. Craft beer and good food are best friends. The combination between them is getting more popular in recent times.
8. Different beers are for different seasons/ occasions. Why shall we drink a mass beer during the whole year, when you can choose a proper craft beer when you are at a party, bar, dinner, if it’s summer, autumn, winter… The fun is trying different kinds of beer from different breweries, countries, styles.

If you have found even one reason to provoke you to try something new… well, we are expecting you!

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